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3b media workshops: media mentoring

go places | talk to people | take pictures | write about it

The 3B Media Workshops project is a mentor based project where participants are given assignments in various media production, and advice on how to complete and/or market the project. Photography, Video, Audio Production for Radio and media content for the web are a few of the projects that can be arranged.

"Class time" takes place on the 3BMediaWorkshops e-list via YahooGroups. Discussions, assignment development, critiques and networking opportunities are all handled by e-mail, on your own time, when you have the time.

Workshops are facilitated by Benjamin Bennett, a full-time dad and homeschooler of four. Ben has a BA in Illustration/Fashion Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, and a wide range of personal experience in radio, TV, photo, web and video production, writing and design.

All fees and arrangements are made on a case by case basis.

Contact Ben for more information.



As long as there are people, we will never lack interesting subjects to photograph.


Places are spaces people visit. Places are no place, unless people are there.


Everywhere you turn, there's some thing to photograph. How can you NOT see things differently when you look through the lens?


Art, fashion, people being something other than what they normally see in the mirror every morning. Created images. This isn't a documentary, it's fiction - illustrated.

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