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Bennett & Company is the consulting group behind the people and organizations who are a part of the world of educational alternatives. We provide ideas, momentum and technical support to those who are working hard to provide or promote free market choices in the American education (schooling) market.

Bennett and Company helps build networks, gather real grass roots support, and supports ideas that go beyond trying again and again to reform our schools. (Frankly, we believe it's not possible.) Rather, we help realize ideas into actions that work around the bureaucratic "reformers."

Our goal is to simply walk around and pass those who believe that schooling must be compulsory, taught only in government buildings, and paid for by the taxpayers... many of whom don't use the services.

In the end, the winners will be America's children, and their parents. Customers in the Education Marketplace deserve a real choice in how their children are raised and educated. To that end, we will do all we can to support an Educational Free Market.

Associates, Clients and Projects:



The Alternative Educators' Network


Peach Grove Press/eMedia


Indiana Home Educators' Network

The Indiana Home Educators' Network

IndianaHomeschoolers Statewide Networking and Discussion List

The National Home Educators' Network


IndianaCharterSchoolers: A statewide e-list for Indiana Charter and Virtual Charter School Parents


Extreme Wisdom Web Site (Consulting and Web Graphics)

We are pleased to work with any and all individuals and organizations that support, promote or provide alternatives to the state's Educational Industrial Complex. Maybe we can help you!

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