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welcome! now take your medicine!

This area is going to be reserved for photos, graphics, ads and/or extra navigation elements.

Most likely... navigation links to expanded articles and topics. When someone goes to "Politics" for example, this space will have links to all the articles in the Politics section. All will appear on the right side. >>>

Oh... this nav bar will also be black, I just lightened it a little so you can see it.

This will be the index, or home page for the project. Might I suggest a "journal" approach for the web "metaphor." I think we talked about metaphors when building a web site? This can be pretty simple (like that crypto-racist's site (yeesh! what a bore!) yet we can still design it so it is classy, and comfortable to read and navigate through.

Since (in the beginning) this site will be mostly your words — or journals — and opinions, we can simply edit the texts by category and then just plug them in on a regular basis.

The mailing list (topica or yahoogroups, etc.) would be used as the ICD list you suggested recently, as a newsletter text mailer to subscribers, and a reminder to check out the web site for the latest updates and the best of Bruno. :-)

The topics/page headings, are of course flexible. I would suggest that there only be a few of the major topics. They should be broad enough to handle most situations.

I have all these pages in templates... so changes aren't that big a deal. And as this is totally on spec, without input from you, and on my own time, I realize the possibility of total rejection. That's okay too. No pressure. This is a creative outlet for me — a hobby, so I don't consider any of this time wasted.

Is this a sort of sales pitch? Mmmmmaybe.

If this is something "close" to what you are thinking about for your own writings and ruminations and personal PR... then let's play some more and see if we can get this going for you!


Most of the major links work, however there may be duplicate content on each page.

Let me know what you think.

Just click on your future webmaster's logo below:

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