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On Web Design and eMedia Services

If you are thinking about having Peach Grove Press/eMedia design a web site for you, please take a look at our Web Design FAQ's page.

Answering these questions before getting into the details of designing your web page, will help streamline the process greatly. Then e-mail us when you're ready for a consultation.

Below are some samples of our past work and work in progress. [E-mail PGPress]


Logo design for a proposed web site.





The Alternative Educators' Network site was, designed, produced and is currently maintained, by Peach Grove Press/eMedia



This is another complete site eMedia is in the process of designing for the Online Offbeat Literary Journal, Gimcrack Online.

Page samples are not available yet.






These are the logo design ideas in progress for the Indiana Home Educators' Network.

PGPress/eMedia is also proposing designs for their web site and online newsletter. We are alredy designing and mailing thier e-mail newsletter.



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