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Benjamin Bennett–Full-Time Father, Homeschooler, Writer, Photographer, Web Designer, E-List Manager/Consultant and Founder of the original Peach Grove Press, now Peach Grove Press/eMedia

>Peach Grove Press was formed many years ago in Santa Barbara, California, as a means for publishing the work (postcards and calendars mostly) of the many students attending Brooks Institute of Photography.

>Today, Benjamin Bennett, Full-time Dad of three who also homeschools, is involved in many more things than just photography and conventional publishing.

>He is a self-taught web designer, bringing his talents from the photography and print publishing world, onto the world wide web.

>Ben believes that "surfing" a web site should be as easy and pleasing on the eyes as reading a book or magazine. You should be able to find what you are interested in, quickly, and without unnecessary (and often frustrating) "clicking around" for what you are looking for.

>eMedia is the digital side of Peach Grove Press. Ben will work with you, bringing the talented digital and image artists he has gathered to serve you.

>Peach Grove Press/eMedia will help you design a web site that is not only economical, but pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain and update.

Designing and owning a web site shouldn't be any harder than it really is.


eMedia Services

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If you are thinking about having Peach Grove Press/eMedia design a web site for you, please take a look at our Web Design page for samples of what we're up to lately.

Not sure where to start? Stop by our Web Design FAQ's Page. Answering these few questions before getting into the details of designing your web page, will help streamline the process greatly. Maybe save you from having to buy a case of aspirin as well!

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